Zhongya Technology Equipment Rank Sequence Evaluation Results Announced!

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2021 is the first year that Zhongya equipment rank sequence work is carried out. Under the supervision and management of Mingshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and under the guidance of the headquarters, Zhongya and Ya'an Aviation Joint Technical School, combined with the company's new apprenticeship training, through school-enterprise cooperation. In this way, students are encouraged to stay on the job, continue to learn and improve their skills, and complete the first evaluation of the equipment rank sequence in December!


▲Opening ceremony


▲Training course planning and communication

Since February 2021, Zhongya has completed 54 training courses for rank sequence, including the study of theoretical knowledge such as electrical fundamentals, motor control, mechanical fundamentals, and mechanical manufacturing processes, Y-△ starting circuit, circulating pump repair and maintenance, and parallelism adjustment. and other on-site maintenance practice and evaluation courses.


▲培On-site training and assessment

From October to November 2021, Zhongya Technology organized the first theoretical and practical evaluation of equipment rank sequence. 23 people participated in the evaluation, and 11 people passed the rating, including 2 intermediate and 9 junior.


Zhongya Technology's first equipment rank sequence evaluation work was successfully completed! In the later work, Zhongya will continue to sum up experience and lessons, explore better practices, continuously improve the work, and promote the solid and effective development of the later work!